Kestrel e160 Urban Wind Turbine

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To get big energy savings, go small with Kestrel's e160 Wind Turbine. One of the smallest models in the company's range, the e160 brings clean energy to the urban sprawl, as it measures only 1.6 meters in diameter. Working well in both high and low winds, this Kestrel wind turbine can produce up to 600 watts of power and puts renewable energy in your grasp. Six blades are attached to a self-regulating aerodynamic rotor, which in turn is connected to a single axial flux permanent magnet brushless alternator. The speed of the rotor is controlled by blade turbulence - this means that it requires no moving parts and it cuts down on noise. The e160 also works in conjunction with grid tie applications and can boost other renewable energy installations. Kestrel.


With the introduction of the Quiet Revolution QR5 urban wind turbine, two major deterrents to the use of wind power - undesirable visual aesthetics and noise - have been resolved. The elegantly twisted design of the QR5 is more reminiscent of a moving sculpture than the hardworking machine that it is. This helical design is also credited with virtually eliminating noise and vibration. The compact size of a the Quiet Revolution QR5 - a little over 16 feet (5 meters) high and just under 10 feet (3 meters) in diameter - makes it easy to integrate into urban environments. The base unit adds about 29 feet (9 meters) to the overall height of an installation. Due to being constructed with a single moving part, maintenance is limited to an annual inspection. Construction professionals across the United Kingdom have responded enthusiastically to the QR5; specifying a diverse variety of projects with the turbine as a source of wind power. Quiet Revolution

Two Blade Wind Turbine - Aerostar 6 Meter

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Not only is the Aerostar 6 Meter two blade wind turbine is one of the most quiet wind turbines on the market today, it's also one of the most efficient to boot. Featuring a two blade teetering rotor, the 6 Meter loses the weight and complexity often associated with turbines and towers that use three rigidly mounted blades. Thanks to its teetering rotor hub, this Aerostar turbine runs smooth and vibration free while reducing the chance of it being caught upwind. It even looks good while it does its job - the sleek rotor blades are made from AS 200 proprietary low Reynolds number airfoils, which make them as attractive as they are aerodynamic. The 6 Meter also uses an induction generator that is efficient, reliable and trouble free, making it simple for you to operate. With a new color touchscreen display, you'll be able to monitor a number of screens that provides information essential to the operation of your wind turbine. Prices for the turbine start at $24,950, and towers start in price from $11,950. Aerostar.


Just because you're living in a remote area doesn't mean you have to do without. The Whisper 500 Wind Turbine high wind turbine from Southwest Windpower was designed for those living in far-out areas, and delivers optimal performance in harsh high-wind environments. Built with a two-bladed, fiberglass-reinforced design, this wind turbine also features side furling overspeed protection for optimal output in any wind condition. Included with the Whisper 500 is a controller and diversion load, which makes sure your turbine runs quietly and safely. The Whisper 500 works well with photovoltaic solar pane, and you can also choose to install an optional LCD display - this handy feature displays real-time data on its performance. Towers range from 30 to 70 feet, and require a concrete foundation - so it's not your typical DIY project. Southwest Windpower.

Quiet Home Wind Turbine: Skystream 3.7

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It's a quiet home wind turbine that works like any other household appliance - once you install the Skystream 3.7, you'll wonder how you lived without it. Working hand-in-hand with your electric utility, the Skystream 3.7 only powers your home when it's windy, while your utilities take over when it's not. And when it generates more electricity than you can use, you meter spins backwards, so in essence, you're selling it back to the utility. Able to provide from 40 to 90% of your household power, this user friendly and quiet wind turbine uses a neodymium magnet-based alternator that produces energy in low winds, while uniquely curved blades maximize efficient operation. Then, the inverter converts the electricity into power for your household. And once the dealer installs and connects your Skystream 3.7 system, you're done, so nothing changes inside your home. Watch it in action here. Skystream.


The residential wind power just became much more attainable, thanks to Renewable Devices' Swift rooftop wind energy system. Safe and efficient, the Swift rooftop wind system is a silent building mountable turbine that cuts carbon emissions while reducing your electricity bill. Designed in the UK, this turbine uses aerodynamic technology to generate electricity only when you need it. Ideal for both residential homes and businesses, Swift features an overpower regulation mechanism that controls rotation speed, which comes in handy when you're dealing with high winds. And you control how much energy is used, thanks to its sophisticated electronic control system. It can be mounted on a rooftop or wall, and works as a stand-alone as well as off grid. Visit Renewable Devices' website for prices and availability.


Best known as the "urban turbine", the WES5 Tulipo by Wind Energy Solutions was made specifically for the urban environment. Small and innovative, the WES5 Tulipo was nominated for the prestigious 2000 Dutch Design Award - and for good reason. Its graceful curves and user-friendly capabilities make it an obvious choice for home or condo owners. Sporting sleek blades and relatively low rotations, this WES wind turbine runs smooth and silent. For a little turbine, the Tulipo produces a big amount of energy - you'll see an average of 8.000 kWh. Requiring minimal maintenance, it's fully automatic, super safe and helps you do your part in reducing CO2 emissions. Wind Energy Solutions.


A low cost wind turbine that is ideal for homes and cottages set in remote locations, Rutland Furlmatic FM910-3 Windcharger is robust and reliable - so much so, you won't need to worry about leaving it unattended for extended periods of time. A land-based windcharger, the Furlmatic FM910-3 replaces the need to install grid power and works best in not-so-accessible and exposed areas. Using a protective furling device in its tail system and equipped with the company's unique three phase generator, this Rutland wind turbine design sets it at an angle to prevailing winds that reach windspeeds above 35mph, which reduces its speed and stress placed on the system. And thanks to its low friction three phase alternator, the turbine offers smooth rotation and silent output. The cost to you starts from around $706 for the 12V model. Marlec Renewable Power.


Energy imitates art with Energy Ball V100 low noise wind turbine. As stunning as it is quiet, the Ball V100 is distinguished by six curved rotor blades that are attached to both ends of the rotor hub. When turning, it resembles a sphere, and the wind blows parallel to the rotor hub through the rotor. Thanks to its exceptional aerodynamics characteristics, it creates a wind flow pattern that first converges and is then accelerated through the rotor - picture it working similar to how rapids flow in a river. Boasting a higher aerodynamic efficiency, this home wind turbine can produce electricity from very low wind speeds and has a low standstill time. The Energy Ball V100 starts in price from $5,600. Home Energy.

Boat Wind Turbines: Marlec Rutland 504 Windcharger

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New for this year, Marlec Rutland 504 Windcharger is designed for the eco-friendly boater. You'll never worry about flat batteries, or have to hassle with refitting them - the Rutland 504 is a small wind generator that charges your battery, giving you the peace-of-mind that you'll have power whenever you need it. Ideal for boats less than 10m in length and with battery banks around 100Ah, this Marlec wind turbine charges the battery while your boat is docked, and when you're on the water, will continually top it up. Lightweight and portable, this wind turbine charges in wind speeds as low as 5 knots and is equipped with a safety turbine that joins the six aerofoil blade tips with an outer ring. Its low friction 3 phase alternator runs silent, and offers 360-degree free rotation on its mounting pole. You can even take it off and bring it home with you to use to run a garden pump, fountain or to provide low voltage lighting to a shed or garage. Pick one up for around $370. Marlec Renewable Power.


Big power can come out of a small wind turbine - just look at what an inexpensive turbine like Southwest Windpower's Air Breeze can do. Efficient and engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds, the Air Breeze can provide power wherever you are and for whatever you need. A reliable year-round energy source, this wind turbine is the ideal way to complement your solar PV system. Three durable composite blades interlock into hub sockets and provide 30% more area, which means optimal, quiet performance. The brushless no-maintenance neodymium alternator offers more energy efficiency, and it runs intelligently too - the Air Breeze has a microprocessor-based smart internal regulator that tracks peak power. Pick one up for $699. Southwest Windpower.

Amazing Wind Turbine by Magenn - Air Rotor System

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Looking for an environmentally friendly energy source? The answer is blowing in the wind! Ideal for farms and remote locations, the Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS) wind turbine floats in the air while tethered to the ground, and removes any obstacles related to placement. This lighter-than-air wind turbine rotates around a horizontal axis wherever the wind is blowing and generates electrical energy. This electrical energy passes down the tether to a transformer and then transferred to the electricity power grid. The MARS Air Rotor is sustained by helium, which transports it to an altitude where it will find the best wind, and its rotation produces a Magnus effect, giving it a extra boost, keeping it stabilized and placing it in a optimal position. Capable of operating in a wider range of wind speeds, the 10 to 25 kW MARS will be available in 2009/10, and is expected to cost between the $5 USD to $10 USD dollar per watt. Magenn.

Multi Directional Wind Turbine Helix Wind S322

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A wind turbine like you've never seen before, the multi directional Helix Wind S322 is ideal for urban environments, low draw and off-grid applications. Not only does it look innovative, other perks of the Helix system include that it's inexpensive, reliable and simple. Mounted up to 35 feet high, the S322 works well in low speeds and its Savonius design features a long helical blade that collects wind from every direction, forcing it through the turbine. This Helix turbine uses the wind to spin the electric generator, which is plugged into your home. What happens when the wind isn't blowing, you may ask? Your home will draw its power from the energy grid like it usually does, and at times when it's gusting, the multi directional S322 uses the excess energy to roll your meter backwards. You'll also enjoy its silent operation and its 3D blade is built for easy assembly and toughness. Helix Wind.


It's cool, it's inexpensive and it's good to go - Mariah Power's Windspire is a plug-n-produce vertical axis wind turbine that's not only safe, but also looks great. Standing 30 feet tall and 2 feet in radius, the Windspire stands out from the crowd due to is sleek propeller-free design. Boasting quiet operation and an affordable price tag, this Mariah Power vertical wind turbine comes complete with a high-efficiency generator, integrated inverter, hinged monopole and wireless performance monitor. Ideal for rural and suburban homes, the Windspire looks like yard art - only it powers your household. Using a rotor, generator and inverter, the 1.2kW turbine produces about 2,000 kilowatt hours a year in winds gusting 12 miles an hour. It even comes with an internal wireless modem - you can check your power production from your computer at any time. Available in a corrosion-resistant silver paint, you can repaint it in any color you choose. It's also easy to install and comes complete with everything needed to set it up. Mariah Power.